Why? Who wants to know?

I want to be mysterious on my bio page but that seems silly as I reveal everything on the blog. Whoopsy! I like animals, children, and people who are kind to waiters, animals, and children. That doesn’t mean I like waiters. I live in a studio apartment in Oaxaca, Mexico, while vaguely considering moving to Nicaragua. Very vaguely. I’m interested in writing, reading, films, gardening, and eventually learning to speak Spanish. While I am modern enough to write a blog, I do not quite understand all this new-fangled social media folderal. No. I don’t want to be your friend or follow you. Why don’t you follow me for a change?

Develop an interest in life as you see it; in people, things, literature, music–the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself.   ~Henry Miller

P.s. I’m still waiting on the rich treasures.

3 thoughts on “Why? Who wants to know?”

  1. your conscience said:

    who gives a shit about you?? nothing matters u self-important shit ball! dont u see that???

  2. Hey, Amber, if you were the editor of Cranky lit mag, would you drop me an email at david@thefirstline.com? If not, apologies for the interruption. Thanks.

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